Salmon Dish

"A healthy outside starts from the inside." 

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Protien Pack
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Maria's Meal Preps provides the San Antonio area with delicious organic healthy meal preps. We have created over 100 different meals ensuring we give you new and different variety to choose from. We know how busy you could get at times, so let us help you save time and the mess. by prepping your weekly, healthy meals. 

How Our Prepping Works

We prepare and deliver our preps right to your front door on a weekly basis or you can pick it up. Delivery day is Saturday between 10am - 3pm. With our new website you are now able to order the quantity of each prep so if there is flavor or dish you are not fond of, you can double on the preps that you like the most.

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Let us know if you have special request

Upon check out you will be able to add special instructions to customize your order. For example, if you don't like a certain ingredient or vegetable, or are allergic you can notate that when placing your order.